“In a partnership each person has his own skills, interests and specialties – Interior design for Laurent Champeau and Decoration for Kelli Wilde. This combination allows Champeau & Wilde to offer fully designed projects that express their client’s desires while adding a spirit and a style of their own, always keeping in mind the essential ideas of comfort, modernity and practicality.

Attention to detail in layouts, space, materials, custom designed furniture, accessories and fabrics, Champeau & Wilde apply the intangible rules of sophistication à la française to their work by using the subtle alliance of contemporary and classical references while carefully listening to their clients wishes in order to create sophisticated and liveable interiors.

What matters most to Champeau & Wilde is conveying the harmony that will exist between the owners and their home once the work is completed. “A home should be a place to live, not be a cold space or an art gallery. What it should be is a well designed, inviting and discretely luxurious space where one feels comfortable living and entertaining”.

Text written by Thierry Billard.